[h325-design] H.323/AMS Conference Calls

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Mon Nov 9 21:25:50 EST 2009



As discussed during the ITU-T SG16 meeting, we will start holding regular
conference calls to discuss H.325/AMS topics.  As with Rapporteur meetings,
we will accept contributions and will discuss them as a group.  I believe a
bi-weekly meeting is a reasonable first step, though we could meet more
frequently if there is a topic that needs a lot more discussion.  For
example, I think we will likely need more time to discuss the information
flows presented at this last meeting.


Brody and I thought that a good time for the initial meeting would be
December 1 (or December 2).  What I would propose is that we have a meeting
the first a and third Tuesday/Wednesday of each month (day differs based on
time zone).  Since it is impossible to hold a meeting such that every person
in the world who would want to attend can do so during waking hours, I
suggest we alternate meeting times so that people from various parts of the
world can attend at least once each month.  You can see the proposed meeting
times on the Packetizer Calendar:



All times are shown in GMT, as per the ITU's electronic meeting guidelines.
Hopefully that will make it easier to calculate the time.  I will also send
a meeting invitation via Outlook to the h325-design list with the same times
specified once we have some general agreement.


Do these proposed meeting times look good?  (If we need additional time for
deeper discussions, we'll discuss additional meeting times as we go along
and they will be announced via the h325-design list.)


Please send me an email if you have a contribution you would like to prepare
and discuss for the first couple of meetings.



Paul E. Jones

Rapporteur, Q12/16


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