[h323plus] How to enable H323_VIDEO on h323plus

prateek gupta prateekgupta569 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 06:06:30 EST 2019

Hi Team,
I am new to h323plus and currently I am struggling to enable Video on the H323plus module. .
 I installed h323plus,code download and install from https://www.h323plus.org/source/.

Steps to Follow :  
 & then I got the issue :
Here x264 static linking library and h.264 support disabled.                 ( Although I have already installed x264 module )
checking for X264... yes
checking filename of libx264 library...
configure: x264 static linking disabled
configure: h264 support disabled due to disabled dependency HAVE_H264_DECODER
checking enable H.264 support... no
=================== Plugin configuration ======================
prefix                           : /usr/local
exec_prefix                      : ${prefix}
libdir                           : ${exec_prefix}/lib
Audio Codec plugin install dir   : ${libdir}/opal-1.27.0/codecs/audio
Video Codec plugin install prefix: ${libdir}/opal-1.27.0/codecs/video
LID plugin install prefix        : ${libdir}/opal-1.27.0/lid
FAX plugin install prefix        : ${libdir}/opal-1.27.0/fax
                              GSM :  yes (internal)
                          gsm-amr :  yes
                             iLBC :  yes (internal)
                            Speex :  yes (internal, version
                            LPC10 :  yes
                            G.726 :  yes
                        IMA_ADPCM :  yes
                              SBC :  no
                           H.261  :  yes
                           H.263  :  no (ffmpeg version)
                     H.263/H.263+ :  no
                           H.264  :  no
                          THEORA  :  no
                    MPEG4 Part 2  :  no
                            CELT  :  no
                     SpanDSP FAX  :  no
                            CAPI  :  no
           Quicknet xJACK support :  no
         Voicetronics VPB support :  yes
                         OS Type  :  linux-gnu
                    Machine Type  :  x86_64
If all settings are OK, type make and make install
Kindly, let me know how can I check my H323_VIDEO is enabled or not.
Thank you so much.
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