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lewei zhuang zhuanglewei at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 23:48:17 EDT 2018

Dear H323plus Team:
    I think I need some help that when I use the simph323,it can't use the
H.264 in my ubuntu 16.04,and the sound device is NO Audio .
    I wanted to found the solutions by Google ,but I can only found I need
to install libavcodec and alsa .so I do it.
    And the sound output device can be found ,but the sound input device
still NO Aduio.
    In my ubuntu 16.04 ,I had install all about alsa ,and I install
libavcodec-dev and ffmpeg ,but it doesn't work.

The error message is as follows

Sound output device: "alsa_output.pci-0000_02_02.0.analog-stereo"
Sound  input device: "Null Audio"

checking for LIBAVCODEC... yes
configure: libavcodec stack align hack disabled
checking for h263p_encoder in -lavcodec... no
checking for h263p_encoder in -lavcodec... (cached) no
checking for mpeg4_encoder in -lavcodec... no
checking for h264_decoder in -lavcodec... no
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