[h323plus] How to add the hareware codec

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Sat Aug 18 05:02:59 EDT 2018


to create a plugin that supports the video codec on a hardware device,
you create a new plugin (or copy one of the existing plugins and modify
it) that keeps the plugin interface like it is, but calls the hardware
encoder and decoder instead of ffmpeg.

You probably won't need the complicated architecture from the H.264
plugin with the helper process to separate MPL and GPL code. Use The
H.261 or H.263 plugin as a simpler guide how to write a new plugin.


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lewei zhuang wrote:
> Thanks you for your hep that I can compiling the H.264 plugin now.
> But I want to do a embedded device that I need the chip codec.But I don't
> know how to change the codec by the chip.Because I don't know what should
> I do?
> Thanks you for your help.

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