[h323plus] GNU Gatekeeper 4.6 is out

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Mon Sep 4 05:39:52 EDT 2017


I'm happy to announce that GNU Gatekeeper version 4.6 has just been

This version has a few new features as well as bug fixes.

New features:
- least used routing: distribute calls evenly between gateways or MCUs
  (new switch [RasSrv::ARQFeatures] LeastUsedRouting=1)
- ability to log to the Unix syslog instead of the trace file
  (new switch [LogFile] TraceToSyslog=1)
- new authentication module TwoAliasAuth
  this is not very safe, but you can use it with endpoints that do not
  support any password transmission
- new switch [CTI::MakeCall] Bandwidth= to set the maximum bandwidth
  for the calls generated by the GnuGk status port API
- status port command: UnregisterEP <ep-id>
- a number of switches to fine tune TCP keepalives
- new switch to remove load balancers from the call path
  ([RoutedMode] RedirectCallsToGkIP=1)

Bug fixes:
- fixed TCP keepalive for H.460 calls
- fixes to port detection for unregistered calls
- audio fix when GnuGk adds encryption to calls
- many smaller fixes

You can download the new version from

Please see the full change log below.

Changes from 4.5 to 4.6
- new switch: [RoutedMode] RedirectCallsToGkIP=1
- new switches: [RoutedMode] H460KeepAliveMethodH225=, H460KeepAliveMethodH245=,
  GnuGkTcpKeepAliveMethodH225=, GnuGkTcpKeepAliveMethodH245=
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) TCP keep-alives for H.460.18 calls weren't always
  enabled correctly
- don't open a status port listener if [Gatekeeper::Main] StatusPort=0
- BUGFIX(Toolkit.cxx) remove trailing chars before checking for DefaultDomain
- add callID to H.245 trace messages for easier debugging
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) forward ReleaseComplete from remaining party while
  doing call reroute
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) drop un-en/decryptable RTP packets at end of call
  when adding encryption
- new status port command: UnregisterEP <ep-id>
- BUGFIX(RasSrv.cxx) remove IPv6 addresses before processing RRQs when IPv6 is not enabled
- send Facility message as as non-H.460.18 keep-alive for H.225
- send non-standard H.245 userIndication as non-H.460.18 keep-alive for H.245
- new switch [RoutedMode] DisableGnuGkH245TcpKeepAlive=1
- new switch [LogFile] TraceToSyslog=1 to send trace output to syslog (Unix only)
- BUGFIX(ProxyChannel.cxx) fix port detection for re-opened channels with IgnoreSignaledIPs=1
- new switch [CTI::MakeCall] Bandwidth= to set the maximum bandwidth for the call
- new switch [RasSrv::ARQFeatures] LeastUsedRouting=1 to select the least used gateway
- new authentication module TwoAliasAuth

Jan Willamowius, Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project
EMail  : jan at willamowius.de
Website: https://www.gnugk.org
Support: https://www.willamowius.com/gnugk-support.html

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