[h323plus] Renegotiate media port

Diego Carvalho Domingos ddomingos at daitangroup.com
Wed Apr 19 11:43:38 EDT 2017

Thanks for answering Jan,

I tried that but then I realized that the port that the H323 device should send media to goes in the OLCA, so closing and reopening my local OLC does not help. I'm missing something here? 
After realizing that reopening the OLC would not help, I restarted the whole negotiation by sending an empty TCS and, after receiving the TCS Ack, a non-empty TCS. This in fact worked but I thought it's too complex. Would reverse logical channel parameters help here? If so, can you point me how to set that? I use (a subclass of) H323_ExternalRTPChannel. Thanks again. Regards,

Diego Carvalho Domingos

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Hi Tarmo,

if you look closely, Diego is doing video.
To my knowledge there is no free H.323-SIP gateway that supports video.

Regarding the port negotiation:
The only way to change the ports is to close the logical channel and to open a new one. (as we discussed on the Packetizer board)


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kalazeez wrote:
> There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Use something existing and most fitting Your needs. For similar cases iI usually use Freeswitch. Just works, out of the box.
> Tarmo
> > On 17 Apr 2017, at 22:52, Diego Carvalho Domingos <ddomingos at daitangroup.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Hi all,
> > At some point after the call has been successfully set up, I need to renegotiate the audio (it could be video as well) media port. In my case, I developed a H323-SIP gateway (that does not handle media, only signaling conversion) and the SIP side sent a reinvite with a different audio port, so I need to make the H323 device send media to this new port. How can I accomplish this? (both in terms of the H323 protocol itself and implementing the solution using H323Plus). I appreciate any help, thanks.
> >  
> > Diego Carvalho Domingos

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