[h323plus] h323plus text messaging

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As Jan answered separately, there is no standard way for sending text 
messages.  This has been discussed many times, with the most recent 
proposal being this one:
http://www.h323forum.org/specifications/ ("Text Messaging within H.323 

Sending text via H.323 is simple to do, but nobody could agree on a 
standard, because there were always a lot of requirements that went with 
it, including presence capabilities.  To be able to fully provide a 
solution, one would need to re-invent XMPP, basically.  So, it just 
never happened.

Still, the question keeps recurring.  One has to think that maybe, it's 
better to have something than nothing.


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>I'm working on a conference project,and we will use the H.323 protocol 
>to establish a connection between monitors, so they can exchange 
>information about configuration options of the video stream they'll 
>So, once a call is established, in addition of exchanging video and 
>audio (that we already have implemented apart), configuration options 
>need to be sent in text format back and forth.
>Searching through h323plus I couldn't find a way to send text in a 
>call, can you give me some pointers on how to accomplish that?
>Thanks, Nahra.
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