[h323plus] H323EndPoint::ParsePartyName issue

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Fri Jan 22 13:58:49 EST 2016

Hi Iurii,

I would argue that h323:@ is an invalid party name
(but we could still parse it better).

If you want to propose a fix, it would be great if we could have all
the code changes in H323Plus, because we can't keep up with the ever
changing PTLib.


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Iurii Gordiienko wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm working with ForwardCall functional and have found a bug if we have forward URL which contains PORT number. For example, for h323:@ input string H323EndPoint::ParsePartyName will make address string like ip$ 
> The fix is trivial (may be I've not covered all cases): 
>   // get the various parts of the name   PString hostOnly = PString();   PINDEX userPos = remoteParty.Find('@');   if (userPos != P_MAX_INDEX) {     if (gatekeeper != NULL)       alias = url.AsString();     else {       alias = remoteParty.Left(userPos);       PINDEX portPos = remoteParty.FindLast(':', portPos + 1);       PINDEX len = (portPos != P_MAX_INDEX) ? (portPos - userPos - 1) : P_MAX_INDEX;       hostOnly = remoteParty.Mid(userPos+1, len);     }   } else {      alias = url.GetUserName();      hostOnly = url.GetHostName();   }    address = hostOnly; 
> Also we have similar issue for input string without '@' character. In this case PTLIB::PURL class wrong parse the string (uses as USER). 
> To fix this issue we need look PTLIB::PURL class futher. 
> Thanks -- Iurii Gordiienko 

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