[h323plus] H323connection AnsweringCall issue

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Looks like a semaphore is not releasing.

I did do a lot of work to remove and simplify thread blocking in 1.26.5 due to issues of semaphore behavior on different operating systems. It has been rigorously tested and am not seeing any issue in production.


My only thought is that you have a semaphore blocking somewhere (PMutex, PWaitAndSignal etc) either in your code or is causing the h323plus code to block. My  suggestion is if you can add debugging statements to figure out where is may be blocking or step through the code with visual studio or GDB to the point where it blocks.




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I am facing a strange problem,
on H323Connection::OnAnswerCall i am returning AnswerCallPending.
and after sometime i call H323Connection::AnsweringCall with AnswerCallNow  .

but what happens now and then, i would say every second call, is that, even if i call H323Connection::AnsweringCall, the PDU does not seem to have been sent. the connection then proceeds to be in a vegetative state. when i disconnect the connection and reconnect it, it proceeds to connect successfully. 


i am not creating any extra threads in the system. the logic for H323Connection::AnsweringCall runs on the main thread.


i am using h323plus version 1.26.5.





Ankur Deep Jaiswal

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