[h323plus] H323connection AnsweringCall issue

Ankur Deep Jaiswal ankur at techgentsia.com
Tue May 12 02:55:19 EDT 2015


I am facing a strange problem,
on H323Connection::OnAnswerCall i am returning AnswerCallPending.
and after sometime i call H323Connection::AnsweringCall with AnswerCallNow

but what happens now and then, i would say every second call, is that, even
if i call H323Connection::AnsweringCall, the PDU does not seem to have been
sent. the connection then proceeds to be in a vegetative state. when i
disconnect the connection and reconnect it, it proceeds to connect

i am not creating any extra threads in the system. the logic for
H323Connection::AnsweringCall runs on the main thread.

i am using h323plus version 1.26.5.

Ankur Deep Jaiswal
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