[h323plus] maxBitrate in External RTP

Diego Carvalho Domingos ddomingos at daitangroup.com
Tue Aug 26 12:16:02 EDT 2014

I don’t know if this is the only way or the best way to do it but you can override the method OnReceivedPDU in your child class of H323_ExternalRTPChannel. Would be something like this for video OLC:

PBoolean MyExternalRTPChannel::OnReceivedPDU(const H245_DataType & dataType, const H245_H2250LogicalChannelParameters & param, unsigned & errorCode)
    if (!H323_ExternalRTPChannel::OnReceivedPDU(param, errorCode))
        return FALSE;

    if (mediaType == H323Capability::e_Video)
        const H245_VideoCapability & videoData = (const H245_VideoCapability &) dataType;
        if (videoData.GetTag() == H245_VideoCapability::e_genericVideoCapability)
            const H245_GenericCapability & genericVideoCapability = (const H245_GenericCapability &) videoData;
            if (genericVideoCapability.HasOptionalField(H245_GenericCapability::e_maxBitRate))
                maxBitrate = genericVideoCapability.m_maxBitRate.GetValue();

    return TRUE;

It is kind complex because you have to go deep in the message structure until you find the field you want. Again, I don’t know of a simpler way. I hope it helps. Regards,

Diego Carvalho Domingos

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I have a doubt,
How do you get Max-Bitrate supported by a Capability in H323_ExternalRTPChannel.

Help appreciated.

Ankur Deep Jaiswal
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