[h323plus] report bugs and seek help

李银城 20100003024 at m.scnu.edu.cn
Sat Apr 5 09:21:20 EDT 2014

Dear H323plus Team:
        I want to report some bugs(maybe) and seek help, for these days I'm installing the package and come across some problem.
        The first thing I want to mention is that when compiling the h235auth.cxx file, error occurs:

[CC] h235auth.cxx
h235auth.cxx: In member function ‘void H235Authenticators::PrepareSignalPDU(unsigned int, PASN_Array&, PASN_Array&, PINDEX) const’:
h235auth.cxx:449:39: error: ‘m_maxTokenLength’ was not declared in this scope
   PINDEX keyLength = (max_keyLength > m_maxTokenLength) ? m_maxTokenLength : max_keyLength;

        I trace the source file and find that "m_maxTokenLength" actually defined in h235auth.h, but with a precompile header #ifdef H323_H235. Problem is that the function error occuring function PrepareSignalPDU doesn't wrapped by that header and use the wrapped variables which may not be defined. So if one can make the H323_H235 available, it will be cured. I trace through and find that this header require #define OPENSSL, so I install the package on windows(XP) then it really compile well. But on my Ubuntu, still fails. So I make the undefind variables out the precompile section and then the "make" progresses smoothly but I don't know what consequences will be.
        Secondly, I want to enable h263 feature, it requires the ffmpeg codec and I install the newest version 2.2. But it didn't work. Configure says:

checking for LIBAVCODEC... yes
configure: libavcodec stack align hack disabled
checking for h263p_encoder in -lavcodec... no
checking for h263p_encoder in -lavcodec... (cached) no
checking for mpeg4_encoder in -lavcodec... no
checking for h264_decoder in -lavcodec... no

I think the "no" checks are the causes. Is " -lavcodec" are passed to ffmpeg as its arguments to check if it support the codecs? I check the ffmpeg's option and only find that ffmpeg has a similar option "codec" which list out all its suport codes where I find h264.

There goes what I want to seek help:
1. The oh323tut require a wav file. What's its effects, a tmp file as a buff? The web says it requires the format 16 bit with 8000 Hz and I use cool edit software to produce such a wav file but the program still report wrong file format error. So I got stuck.
2. How can I catch video from my computer camera. I can't run the h323plus sample "simple", it crash when come to  the call PVideoInputDevice::GetDeviceCapabilities in arg initialization. I debug and found that the ptlib function calls in a cycle: A call B; B call C; C call A. Then the stack runs out. So, what's the trouble here? How can I get my device name pass it to the program instead of "*"?

Last but not least, I want to ask Is there any detailed tutorial to learn. I search the net using google, the valuable one is almost only the oh323tut. But the oh323tut is a little too simple. It only shows the audio feature. How is the video? The simple sample shows an example I guess I can try to understand. Is there any related code or project using H323plus, for example using glade to show the video.

Best regards

Yincheng Li
South China Normal University

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