[h323plus] Repository conversion

Simon Horne s.horne at spranto.com
Thu Nov 14 10:06:16 EST 2013

I would agree with Jan as we are the two main contributors to h323plus and
GnuGk it would probably not be worth the effort.
If we were to start over as a fresh project then we would probably go with


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personally, I don't really see much gain in a conversion to SVN.

For a fresh project I'd probably use something modern like git, but for
H323Plus (and GnuGk) I don't think the conversion is with the effort.

Just my 5 cents,

Jan Willamowius, jan at willamowius.de, http://www.gnugk.org/

Francisco Olarte wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> After getting frustated with MY inability to view 'changesets' in the 
> CVS repository for h323plus I decided to give cvs2svn a try, just to 
> see how it came out.
> I've done a rsync dump of the 59Mb cvs repo at sourceforce and did a 
> plain 'cvs2svn --encoding=latin_1', which seems seems to came out 
> nicely. I can to be comming out nicely, it generated a trunk, a 
> pboolean branch and several tags:
> ~/conv$ svn list file:///home/folarte/conv/h323plus-svn/branches
> pboolean/
> ~/conv$ svn list file:///home/folarte/conv/h323plus-svn/tags
> plus_1_20/
> v04/
> v1_19_5/
> v1_19_6/
> v1_19_7/
> v1_20_0/
> v1_20_1/
> v1_20_2/
> v1_21_0/
> v1_22_0/
> v1_23/
> v1_24_0/
> v1_25_0/
> ~/conv$ svn list file:///home/folarte/conv/h323plus-svn/trunk
> applications/
> extensions/
> h323plus/
> As it is it serves my needs ( helping me see related files for 
> backporting things into releases, and given the time it took I can ), 
> but, as I think developers must be somehow familiar with subversion, ( 
> as ptlib and lots of other projects use it )  I wonder if someone will 
> be interested in converting the main repo. In this case I can try to 
> build and tune a conversion script for better processing of things 
> like the CVSROOT scripts and build a svn dump which could be tested 
> and, if desired, imported.
> Francisco Olarte

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