[h323plus] SonicWall/Dell wreck of a NAT

Marek Podgorny marekjp at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 15:29:14 EST 2013

I have a problem with firewall that I cannot replace or reconfigure. The FW
is a SonicWall, public IP on Internet side (of course), NAT on the LAN
side, gatekeeper on a public address outside FW. Calls from EPs on NAT to
outside world work but incoming calls fail. I wiresharked the traffic and
found that the Q.931 setup ServiceControlIndication packet bounces from the
FW. The reason for this is that while this particular packet is sent to UDP
port previously used by the NATed EP RRQ, the FW fails to preserve NAT
mapping table. SonicWall  also ignores port preservation setting.

Astonishingly, bi-directional access to UDP port 1719 works (SonicWall
claims to support H.323 and it is possible to "activate" it. Maybe port
1719 becomes special). Therefore, here is my question:

Is it possible to order H323Plus to only use outgoing UDP port 1719 for RAS

Marek Podgorny
+1 315 373-6345

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