[h323plus] Minor issues with upnp

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Sat Feb 4 17:58:18 EST 2012


the GetPeerAddress() issues should already be fixed in the latest CVS.


J.C Mercier wrote:
> Hi all,
> If i may first note, I've compiled the latest h323plus with no problem, but
> when i go to compile the simpleplus program, it gives an unresolved error
> for H46019UDPSocket::GetPeerAddress(...).   This happens because
> H323_H46024A and H323_H46024B are disabled and GetPeerAddress is defined
> within H323_H46024A but declared within H323_H46019M. I did a minor work
> around and it now compiles fine.
> Another issue I came upon, when I initialize UPNP during the h323
> initialization, during the UPnPThread::TestMapping()  function call, it
> manages to map both ports (11000 and 11001) but after calling
> RemoveMap(extPort,true);  and  RemoveMap(extPort+1,true), only 11001 is
> removed and not 11000. I tested this with different port range and it
> produces the same results (one unmapped and not the other). Is this
> supposed to be the case or is something wrong somewhere?
> Although, after closing the program, both ports are unmapped successfully.
> But another problem that happens every time I close the program is a memory
> access violation at;
>     ~IxNATNumberOfEntriesCallback() { delete m_pointer; } from
> interface IxNATNumberOfEntriesCallback : public INATNumberOfEntriesCallback
> Any reason why this could be the case?
> Lastly, when upnp is initialized, making a call doesn't seem to open and
> map the ports at all. What else should be done aside from initializing
> upnp?
> Your help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Josh

Jan Willamowius, jan at willamowius.de, http://www.gnugk.org/

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