[h323plus] Unable to load H.263 and H.264 plugin dll for x64 windows

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Thu Feb 2 04:49:47 EST 2012



X64 support is definitely a work in progress. 

To load the audio/video plugins the files also have to be compiled x64. I
just checked in and tested vs2010 x64 support for H.261 but beyond that you
are on your own.


You will need to compile the H.263 and H.264 plugins x64 and build your own
x64 version of X264 and FFMPEG. Sorry I don't yet have prebuilt x64




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I have been trying to get 64-bit H323plus to work. Now I am struggling with
getting the 64-bit H.263 (both H263-1998 and ffmpeg) and H.264 video plugins
working on 64-bit H323plus application. 


I upgraded the h263_2008.sln and h263ffmpeg_2008.sln to VS 2010 and x64
solution files. I am able to compile them successfully. I placed the dlls
under the same folder as the simpleplus application. But I do not see the
simpleplus application loads either of these h263 codecs. Has anyone tried
to compile these plugin projects in 64-bit? I will greatly appreciate if
anyone who has done this can share the compiled dlls or give me some guides
on this... 


I have not tried to recompile the H.264 plugin as I expect much more
complication with that project, but I do hope can get the H.264 plugin
working as well.



Best regards,


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