[h323plus] Minor issues with upnp

J.C Mercier jcmerc5 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 17:47:00 EST 2012

Hi all,

If i may first note, I've compiled the latest h323plus with no problem, but
when i go to compile the simpleplus program, it gives an unresolved error
for H46019UDPSocket::GetPeerAddress(...).   This happens because
H323_H46024A and H323_H46024B are disabled and GetPeerAddress is defined
within H323_H46024A but declared within H323_H46019M. I did a minor work
around and it now compiles fine.

Another issue I came upon, when I initialize UPNP during the h323
initialization, during the UPnPThread::TestMapping()  function call, it
manages to map both ports (11000 and 11001) but after calling
RemoveMap(extPort,true);  and  RemoveMap(extPort+1,true), only 11001 is
removed and not 11000. I tested this with different port range and it
produces the same results (one unmapped and not the other). Is this
supposed to be the case or is something wrong somewhere?

Although, after closing the program, both ports are unmapped successfully.
But another problem that happens every time I close the program is a memory
access violation at;

    ~IxNATNumberOfEntriesCallback() { delete m_pointer; } from

interface IxNATNumberOfEntriesCallback : public INATNumberOfEntriesCallback

Any reason why this could be the case?

Lastly, when upnp is initialized, making a call doesn't seem to open and
map the ports at all. What else should be done aside from initializing

Your help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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