[h323plus] Unable to load H.263 and H.264 plugin dll for x64 windows

Y030052 Ng y030052 at live.com
Wed Feb 1 21:42:04 EST 2012

I have been trying to get 64-bit H323plus to work. Now I am struggling with getting the 64-bit H.263 (both H263-1998 and ffmpeg) and H.264 video plugins working on 64-bit H323plus application. 
I upgraded the h263_2008.sln and h263ffmpeg_2008.sln to VS 2010 and x64 solution files. I am able to compile them successfully. I placed the dlls under the same folder as the simpleplus application. But I do not see the simpleplus application loads either of these h263 codecs. Has anyone tried to compile these plugin projects in 64-bit? I will greatly appreciate if anyone who has done this can share the compiled dlls or give me some guides on this... 
I have not tried to recompile the H.264 plugin as I expect much more complication with that project, but I do hope can get the H.264 plugin working as well.

Best regards,Jess 		 	   		  
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