[h323plus] Need help to run oh323tut application using ALSA

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Fri Oct 28 11:04:53 EDT 2011

Abdul Moiz

Oh323tut is getting quite old but here are some tips to get and set the
Audio Driver and Device Name

Get the drivers
PStringArray names = PSoundChannel::GetDriverNames();

Get the devices
PString DefaultAudioDriver = names[0];
PStringArray playDevices =
PStringArray recDevices =

Enumerate the devices
for (PINDEX i = 0; i < playDevices.GetSize(); i++) {
	cout << playDevices[i] << endl;

To set the driver call these functions
PBoolean H323EndPoint::SetSoundChannelPlayDriver(const PString & name)
PBoolean H323EndPoint::SetSoundChannelRecordDriver(const PString & name)

To set the device call these functions
PBoolean H323EndPoint::SetSoundChannelPlayDevice(const PString & name)
PBoolean H323EndPoint::SetSoundChannelRecordDevice(const PString & name)


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        I have downloaded the source code of "h323plus core"(version:1.23.0)
and "PTlib"(version:2.10.1) from the link: 


     on my X86 Desktop system running ubuntu 10.04

   I have followed the tutorial given at link


   I am able to compile both the source codes without any problems.

  Then I have downloaded and compiled "oh323tut" (version 1.1-1) source code
from the link below:


  I have got simph323 installed on my system using 

  $ sudo apt-get install simph323

 Now when I try to run oh323tut application and simph323 application (in
separete terminals) using the commands below:

$ ./oh323tut -f audio.wav -n -u 320
$ simph323 -n -u 321 320 at

   I am getting the following problem:

 H323> Could not open sound device Default - Check permissions or full
duplex capability.

  Can anybody please help to  solve the above problem.


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