[h323plus] OpenMCU not using video codecs

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Thu Nov 24 13:14:06 EST 2011



Video codecs are plugins (external libraries) and H.263 and H.264 have
dependencies that are required before they will build.



No dependencies. Make sure your copy the plugin to the same directory (or
subDir) as the executable or set the PTLIBPLUGINDIR environmental variable
to point to where the *plugin.so resides.



Dependency FFMPEG 

for debian based systems

sudo apt-get install libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libavcodec-dev

Goto H.261



Dependency FFMPEG (decode) and X264 (encode)

for debian based systems

sudo apt-get install libx264-dev

Goto H.263



Rerun ./configure and the codecs should then be available. Do a Make and the
the *plugin.so should be in the h323plus/plugins directory. Copy them from

H.264 also has a *helper.so file which needs to be copied as well. This
*MUST* be in the same directory as the executable. It does not understand
the PTLIBPLUGINDIR environmental variable.


You should then be good to go.


To debug the codecs set the environmental variable PTLIB_TRACE_CODECS=4

You should see in the console the initial tests to check that all the
dependencies are found at startup.






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Hi everyone, 


I'm having a lot of trouble setting up an OpenMCU server on either
FreeBSD/Ubuntu (Ubuntu preferred). 


On FreeBSD, after all the packages are installed I am seemingly limited to
H.261 - The endpoints are capable of H.263/264, however I cannot get OpenMCU
to use this codec. 


On Ubuntu (my preferred system) OpenMCU preferences report the use of the
G711 audio codecs, but do not even use the H.261 video codecs. There is no
video output to any of the endpoints. 


I think it might have to do with the codec installation on Ubuntu - How can
I check if these are installed properly? 


When I try to configure the h323plus install, I get the following: 


=================== Plugin configuration ======================

prefix                           : /usr/local

exec_prefix                      : ${prefix}

libdir                           : ${exec_prefix}/lib

Audio Codec plugin install dir   : ${libdir}/opal-1.23.0/codecs/audio

Video Codec plugin install prefix: ${libdir}/opal-1.23.0/codecs/video

LID plugin install prefix        : ${libdir}/opal-1.23.0/lid

FAX plugin install prefix        : ${libdir}/opal-1.23.0/fax


                              GSM :  yes (internal)

                          gsm-amr :  yes

                             iLBC :  yes (internal)

                            Speex :  yes (internal, version

                            LPC10 :  yes

                            G.726 :  yes

                        IMA_ADPCM :  yes

                              SBC :  no


                           H.261  :  yes

                           H.263  :  no (ffmpeg version)

                     H.263/H.263+ :  no

                           H.264  :  no

                          THEORA  :  yes

                    MPEG4 Part 2  :  no

                            CELT  :  no


                     SpanDSP FAX  :  no


                            CAPI  :  no

           Quicknet xJACK support :  no

         Voicetronics VPB support :  yes


                         OS Type  :  linux-gnu

                    Machine Type  :  i686


If all settings are OK, type make and make install



Level 5 debug logs show: 


  0:00.034                      OpenMCU MCU     Codecs (in preference


   G.711-ALaw-64k <1>

   G.711-uLaw-64k <2>

   UserInput/hookflash <3>

   UserInput/basicString <4>

   UserInput/dtmf <5>

   UserInput/RFC2833 <6>

   UserInput/Navigation <7>

   UserInput/Softkey <8>

   UserInput/PointDevice <9>

   UserInput/Modal <10>




       G.711-ALaw-64k <1>

       G.711-uLaw-64k <2>



       UserInput/hookflash <3>

       UserInput/basicString <4>

       UserInput/dtmf <5>

       UserInput/RFC2833 <6>

       UserInput/Navigation <7>

       UserInput/Softkey <8>

       UserInput/PointDevice <9>

      UserInput/Modal <10>


There seem to be no video codecs being found or loaded. I'm running the
latest version of everything from the h323plus.org site, OpenMCU 2.2.5-1,
h323plus 1.23.0. 


I've added what I believe to be the video codec directories in the following
locations (yes, it's a mess): 












The contents of these are: 


root at OpenMCU:/usr/lib/ptlib/codecs/video# ls

common  H.261-vic  H.263-1998  H.263-ffmpeg  H.264


I'm also seemingly missing the H.264 codec: 


configure: h264 support disabled due to disabled dependency

checking enable H.264 support... no


Can anyone shed some light on this? 





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