[h323plus] Current stable version issues

J C Mercier jcmerc5 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 16:01:20 EST 2011

Hi all,

I have downloaded the current stable version of H323plus and ptlib on the H323plus website, as well as the trunk versions of both and I seem to be having a few problems with them.

Having compiled them on both windows xp and windows 7 using visual studio 2008, both versions compiled with no errors.  My problems are as follows;

1. After first compiling the stable versions, I tried compiling the simpleh323 example which also compiles fine but when making a video call (using the h.623 codec), both side seemed to be sending a green background. 

I traced this issue in ptlib - directshow.cxx

 And commented out 
mt.subtype = MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24

this fixes that issue but I was wondering why it was used.

2. My second problem, when ending a video call between two simpleh323 endpoint, the called party crashes dues to an invalid memory access violation while trying to access the thread object in;


function: H323Transport::CleanUpOnTermination().

this is the case for both the current stable as well as the trunk versions of H323plus, tested with ptlib from version 2.9 up to the current trunk version.

The issue seems to go away when tested with ptlib v2.8.2 through 2.8.5 inclusively.

I've tried tracing to see why the thread becomes invalid, I can't exactly figure out the cause but it seems the thread object may be automatically deleted at some point.

3. My last problem is with the trunk version of H333plus. It complies with no errors, but when compiling the provided sample, I receive a bunch of unresolved errors due to h460.17/18 etc. I have not thoroughly looked into this but disabling H323_H460 seems to solve this for now.

All these tests were performed on windows xp as well as windows 7 using visual studio 2008 pro. 

Your help with these issues will be greatly appreciated.


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