[h323plus] RTP Issue using H323plus

kcooi12345 at gmail.com kcooi12345 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 10:44:06 EDT 2011

Dear Simon,  H323plus members,

where the frame buffer/ sequencer located or should located?
Also, why a sequence can just ignore like this?
Because RTP is designed to handle the receiving packets that may come in 
unordered situation.

If we simply ignore any frame slice, especially video data that come in 
unordered sequence, then
'breaking' picture will also always exist due to ignoring of this 
packets and causing a frame uncompleted, even no packet loss happened.


On 6/13/2011 10:21 PM, Simon Horne wrote:
> Seq 2 is out of order and is ignored.  A frame buffer/sequencer would fix
> the problem and this is on the to-do list.
> Simon
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> Dear H323plus Member,
> Recently, I found a RTP issue that happened in H323plus v.1.22.0(The version
> I used).
> During all the testing, I used wireshark to capture RTP video packets and
> check for its timestamps, sequence numbers and other information.
> whenever the received RTP video packets is coming in unorder sequence
> number(eg. seq 0, seq 1, seq 3, seq 2, seq 4, and etc), the received packets
> that passed to video codec(eg. H.264 codec) for decoding will be seq 0, seq
> 1, seq 3, and seq 4 and etc.
> The RTP packet with seq 2 will be missing(not passed to decoder for
> decoding) if seq 3 which is larger is received before this.
> Anyone knows why this happened?
> Thanks.

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