[h323plus] Silk codec support

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The issue is there is no definition of Silk in H.323 

I wrote a submission to the ITU at the last meeting for inclusion

The stumbling block is that SILK has defined dynamic payloads for each
bitrate for interop with Skype.  In H.323 you cannot tell the remote what
payload to send, the remote will tell you want it will send. This becomes an
issue if you are bridging to skype. There is a work around (submitted by
Avaya for a different issue but same meeting) to include in the OLCack the
payload that you expect the remote to send you.

I have a development H.323 silk plugin (8k and 16k bitrate) and I will
commit them after the next stable release as it requires audio capability
merging which needs to be committed. The idea is there is 1 silk capability
for the different bitrates (rather than a capability for each bitrate) and
you negotiate the actual bitrate by merging your local caps with the caps in
the TCS. 


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Dear H.323Plus team,

I have a question regarding support for skype's silk codec. Do you plan to
support it soon? Maybe you have already started development/integration? Do
you expect any obstacles?

Best regards,
Łukasz Czekierda

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