[h323plus] H.261 and G.722

Alessandro Angeli packetizer.com at riseoftheants.com
Mon Jan 10 20:37:48 EST 2011

From: "Jan Willamowius" <jan at willamowius.de>
Date: Monday 10 January 2011 17:51

> you are looking at the OPAL SVN, not the H323Plus CVS.
> That might explain why things behave slightly different...

I tried the h323plus code (Revision 1.2 2011/01/10 21:42:24) with the 
same result.

The Polycom VSX 5000 only accepts the video if sbit_ = 0 is commented 
out in line 807 of encoder-h261.cxx.

If you get rev 1.2 (latest) and comment out that line, does it not work 
for you?

Notice that the video may take several secs to start on the device side, 
but I do not think that is related to this change.


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