[h323plus] Facility transportedInformation vs empty

Mark Fawcett mark.fawcett at noakesltd.co.uk
Thu Jan 6 05:24:54 EST 2011


When running h323plus against various endpoints, h323plus always seems to use the Facility + empty h323-message-body method of sending messages (such as an H245 MSD) as opposed to the transportedInformation Facility method. (At least according to Wireshark.)

I'm running h323plus reporting a protocol identifier of (Version 6).

I've tested against endpoints running V4 (so I would potentially expect a drop down to the older style of working) and ones reporting themselves as V6.

Question: Is there a way in h323plus to make use of the transportedInformation style of facility message indication? I've dug around the source code and can see the enum type declared but can't see anywhere that necessarily makes use of it (not to say the late night is causing brain fade).



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