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I missed this...Wow!
Sorry I must of missed typed. Sorry openh323.
H323plus uses much of the same code base and front end api ie
H323EndPoint::OpenVideoChannel (which was the context of the comment) etc as
openh323. Existing OpenH323 applications like YATE and GnuGk still work with
h323plus.  Opal interface has evolved differently over time.  It is true
h323plus plugin video api has its roots in Opal which were ported over a few
years ago. For sometime after that the api's were identical which I helped
maintain but things deviated over time.  It happens. There was no malice or
inference intended.

Don't think for one minute I'm claiming anything over anything.  In 2007 a
decision was made that forced a split in the develop paths (and ultimate
demise) of OpenH323. A group of developers went a different path and few
chose another direction. We all come from the same origins.  OpenH323... 

Sorry Craig if there was any claim or inference it was not intended. You
kept OpenH323 alive for many years and both communities should be very
thankful of the tremendous effort you put in sometimes in the most difficult
of circumstances I'm certainly am sorry for my poor judgment in wording


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On 22/02/2011 8:38 PM, Simon Horne wrote:


> The architecture of Opal has deviated a lot from its h323plus roots


As Simon knows full well, Opal has no roots in H323plus.

Opal and H323Plus both derive from OpenH323. Any claims to the contrary are
a mistake or flamebait.

On the subject of video plugins, Opal had video plugins before either
OpenH323 or H323Plus. I know this because I wrote the code in Opal to
support a customer who paid for it.

The H323Plus developers chose to make their video plugins similar to Opal,
but not the same. I imagine this is because they chose their own development
path from the original OpenH323 code base, rather deriving from the already
extant Opal design.

In any case, the video codec plugin work in H323Plus appeared after the
corresponding Opal code had already been deployed, so any claim that Opal
was derived from H323Plus even in this specific area are not supported by
the evidence.



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