[h323plus] RTP Packet Issue

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
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Yes you are correct there was a bug with the timestamp on the marker packet
being incorrect, that should have been fixed in the last release.  

Update to the latest release.


That should also help resolve some issues with packets being discarded.






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Dear H323plus Team members,


Recently, I have found some issue when I am doing H.323  testing with
polycom system (eg. PVX 8.0.2) and checked the packet traffic using


I use RTP stream analysis of wireshark for viewing the result, and I notice
that every packet(which is final slice of a frame, contain Marker=1) has a
status of "Incorrect timestamp".


1. Why it behave like this?


2. Does it affect the receiving site during a conference meeting?


3. Is there any timeout for RTP packet handling(like dropping packet) in
h323plus? Because I found out that it cause large packet loss during the
conference compare to other h.323 

    system on the same situation(ie. same executing environment). 


 Btw, I have done some enhancement on MyOutput display according to the
suggestion of "Simon" to one of the h323 member, to avoid dropping packet.



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