[h323plus] error H.263

Vladimir Fekete vladko.fekete at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 09:40:39 EST 2011

Hello Robert,

1) I went directly to plugins/video/H.263 ffmpeg/ directory (after I
compiled ptlib and opal)
2) downloaded http://www.voxgratia.org/bin/libavcodec-0.4.7-windows.bin.zip as
is written in readme file
    and unzipped it into plugins/video/H.263 ffmpeg/ffmpeg
3) I've opened the 'h263ffmpeg_2005.vcxproj' file and saved solution which
VS2010 created for this project
4) Build it
5) No errors - result is ../../Debug/h263ffmpeg_pwplugin.dll (and the rest
things such as .pdb file)

Best regards,


P.S> this is resubmitted, because last time I just replied to Robert and did
not used the other addresses as well. Sorry about that.
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