[h323plus] RTP Packet Issue

kc ooi kcooi12345 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 04:54:27 EST 2011

Dear H323plus Team members,

Recently, I have found some issue when I am doing H.323  testing with
polycom system (eg. PVX 8.0.2) and checked the packet traffic using

I use RTP stream analysis of wireshark for viewing the result, and I notice
that every packet(which is final slice of a frame, contain Marker=1) has a
status of "Incorrect timestamp".

1. Why it behave like this?

2. Does it affect the receiving site during a conference meeting?

3. Is there any timeout for RTP packet handling(like dropping packet) in
h323plus? Because I found out that it cause large packet loss during the
conference compare to other h.323
    system on the same situation(ie. same executing environment).

 Btw, I have done some enhancement on MyOutput display according to the
suggestion of "Simon" to one of the h323 member, to avoid dropping packet.

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