[h323plus] unavailable H.264 plugin and missing H.263 CIF4/16 capabilities

Vladimir Fekete vladko.fekete at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 10:16:19 EST 2011

Hello Simon,

  few days ago, you told us you confirm, that H.264 works (with h.239) for
H323plus project. I was able to compile x264, ffmpeg and the plugin itself,
however, when I put it into correct directory with all the dll files, none
of the example applications can see it (but they see for example h261vic
plugin located in the same directory as h264 plugin).

  I also tried to use trace  (with application 'simple') and I see that
capabilities are loaded, but not the H.264. MSVC says for debug version of
myphonet, that the symbols from h264 dll were loaded and dll is in use (did
not say what symbols). Hence I'd like to ask you

- the file plugin-config.h which is located in two directory above H.264
project (as plugin-config.h.in) was changed to proper header file by
./configure command or you changed (created) it by hand ?(for windows) (my
suspicion is, that symbols are not properly exported from the dll, but I
don't know how to verify it)

- are you aware of any reason why properly compiled h.264 dll and helper
would not work with recent h323plus and ptlib ?

I'm obviously missing something and I really would like to make it run (with
h323plus for start and in the end with OPAL)

To all,

   yes, you were right, the H.263 distortions and damage I saw are "problem"
of OPAL, since h323plus myphone2 has no problem with it and I can see nice
H.263 CIF picture. However, and this is true for opal and h323 plus, I'm
unable to use higher resolutions e.g. CIF4, CIF16 and the custom one
(capability for it is missing). So I'd like to ask :

- is h323plus or OPAL capable of CIF4 and CIF16 with given codec(s) 263/264?
(e.g. without necessity to drastically change the code), if so, could you,
please, point me to any hint how to make it run (lines of code with comment,

- when we can expect OPAL will transform the h.263 and h.264 to it's plugin
format ? (I would do it by myself, but first I have to see it running with
h323plus, so I get time to look at the plugin format of opal and how to do
it - unless some good soul wont outrun me)

Many thanks !

Best regards,
 Vladimir Fekete
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