[h323plus] [Opalvoip-devel] H323 on windows mobile

Martin Acevedo acevedoma at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 14 18:30:21 EDT 2011

Thank you Simon it sounds good.
I tried to compile the ptlib library with a very basic configuration (configure.exe) but I had some issues regarding files with Mac formatting.
Which version do you recomend as stable? I downloaded PTLib (req) 2.8.3 but it contains some issues regarding the syslog.h and syslog.cxx formatting. It seems these files have apple's format. I converted the file to windows but still have problems
The macro below is causing some issues
#define PSYSTEMLOG(level, variables) \
  if (PSystemLog::GetTarget().GetThresholdLevel() >= PSystemLog::level) { \
    PSystemLog P_systemlog(PSystemLog::level); \
    P_systemlog << variables; \
  } else (void)0
The vc++ compiler complains about PSystemLog::level, it seems this variable does not exists. If I undefine the macro and the entire stack compile just fine.


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> Subject: RE: [Opalvoip-devel] H323 on windows mobile
> Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 16:59:02 +1000
> Martin
> H323plus is a continuation of OpenH323 using the same codebase and API. Opal
> has evolved their API over time.  
> GnuGk continues to be developed based on H323plus and both Jan Willamowius
> and I work on both projects. We try to ensure backwards and SVN/CVS
> compatibility between PTLib/H323plus/GnuGk.
> The project is quite mature and continues to be developed and updated, For
> instance H323plus v1.23 has been tagged and is due for release this week. 
> Windows Mobile 6.5 or lower support is in PTLib and should be independent of
> either stack and I know devices have been built off both. 
> Simon
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> Subject: [Opalvoip-devel] H323 on windows mobile
> Hello
> my name is Martin and I work as software engineer developing embedded voip
> applications. I used to work a lot with openh323 and opal some years ago
> mainly in IVR and Voice client applications.  Today I´m a bit disconnected
> from the openh323  since I work mainly with a SIP stack. It would be great
> if someone can help me with some queries. 
> I need to
> implement a h323 client for Windows Mobile devices and basically what I need
> to know is:
> 1)      Which is the main difference
> between h323plus and Opal h323 portion (I know opal is multiprotocol
> sip/iax/h323). I think the h323 portion was forked in two different projects
> and I don´t know if they are both still mantained and the code is merged
> between each other.
> 2)      In the past the openh323 stack
> worked quite good with the gnu gatekeeper. 
> Is the h323 implementation compatible with the main pbx vendors
> implementation like Toshiba, Avaya, Cisco, etc.
> 3)      Is there any support for Windows Mobile 6.5, I know that CE was
> supported in the past as a separated platform?
> Is this platform still supported?
> Than
> you in advance.
> Regards,
> Martin. 		 	   		  
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