[h323plus] [Opalvoip-devel] H323 on windows mobile

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Sun Aug 14 02:59:02 EDT 2011


H323plus is a continuation of OpenH323 using the same codebase and API. Opal
has evolved their API over time.  
GnuGk continues to be developed based on H323plus and both Jan Willamowius
and I work on both projects. We try to ensure backwards and SVN/CVS
compatibility between PTLib/H323plus/GnuGk.
The project is quite mature and continues to be developed and updated, For
instance H323plus v1.23 has been tagged and is due for release this week. 

Windows Mobile 6.5 or lower support is in PTLib and should be independent of
either stack and I know devices have been built off both. 


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my name is Martin and I work as software engineer developing embedded voip
applications. I used to work a lot with openh323 and opal some years ago
mainly in IVR and Voice client applications.  Today I´m a bit disconnected
from the openh323  since I work mainly with a SIP stack. It would be great
if someone can help me with some queries. 

I need to
implement a h323 client for Windows Mobile devices and basically what I need
to know is:

1)      Which is the main difference
between h323plus and Opal h323 portion (I know opal is multiprotocol
sip/iax/h323). I think the h323 portion was forked in two different projects
and I don´t know if they are both still mantained and the code is merged
between each other.

2)      In the past the openh323 stack
worked quite good with the gnu gatekeeper. 

Is the h323 implementation compatible with the main pbx vendors
implementation like Toshiba, Avaya, Cisco, etc.

3)      Is there any support for Windows Mobile 6.5, I know that CE was
supported in the past as a separated platform?
Is this platform still supported?

you in advance.


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