[h323plus] Bridging two H.323 calls together

Mark Fawcett mark.fawcett at noakesltd.co.uk
Tue Oct 26 11:15:57 EDT 2010


I have successfully installed and used H.323plus and am very impressed by the strength-in-depth. I am building a B2BUA application and can make two outgoing calls and now need to switch the audio between them.

I have done this initially using a new channel class derived from PIndirectChannel and taking audio data on the Write from one channel, buffering it internally in the application and then sending it to the other channel on its Read.

I am wondering if there is a better or alternative method to achieve the same results - i.e. is it possible to use an H323plus object/method to connect the two H323Connections back-to-back without the need to go through the intermediate buffering stage in the application?

Many thanks


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