[h323plus] H.264 hardware acceleration

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Mon May 10 09:56:50 EDT 2010

It's possible use any API for hardware acceleration if you wrap it as
an codec, like the work community doing in ffmpeg and x264.

Some examples are VDPAU from nVidia for Geforce8000 and above, XvBA
from AMD for Radeons HD4000 and above, etc.

1st you need see any copyright issue for wraping any the API or Sony
Playstation 3  against the h323plus license.


PS.: Sony removed support for linux and other OS since firmware 3.21

2010/5/8 Pablo Sotomayor <pablo at sotomayor.com.br>:
> It is possible for the openmcu to take advantage of some hardware h264 acceleration devices like these tiny usb dongles (http://www.fastvdo.com/SmartCapture/) or bigger devices like playstation3 runnung linux or the apple iphone/ipad devices?
> Pablo

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