[h323plus] Updated H.264 Plugin

Pablo Sotomayor pablo at sotomayor.com.br
Sat May 8 09:31:30 EDT 2010

Hi Simon,

I've been testing this h323plus version for the last days.
I have downloaded the code from the cvs repository, configured, compiled and installed it on a new ubuntu 10.04 system.

Using a quad-core xeon poweredge server, and 3 polycom camera appliances (2 VSX7000A and 1 VSX5000), i have H264 videoconference on the lab. But when the a 384/512/768kbps call is stablished, the Polycom endpoints turns to "slow-motion operation mode". When i saw the call statistics on polycom, i can see the audio/video info. It says that VSX7000 is sending SIF (352x240) and receiving 4CIF (704x576) video. These appliances are runnung polycoms 8.03 (oct-2005) and 8.53 (2007) firmware. Its supports native H264 video calls up to 768kbps (vsx5000) and 1920kbps (vsx7000) but i thinks 4CIF video is enought resolution.

How can i force the openmcu to send a slower resolution like CIF (352x288) for the endpoints?


On May 3, 2010, at 9:59 AM, Simon Horne wrote:

> An updated H.264 plugin has been added to the CVS.
> Quite a lot of fixes have been made especially in the HD area. 
> 720p support has been enabled.
> Simon

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