[h323plus] H.263 + Polycom VSX 7000 + VSX 5000 + PVX

Pablo Sotomayor pablo at sotomayor.com.br
Tue May 11 22:56:46 EDT 2010

I've been testing the 1.2.2 version of h323plus since last friday and got
some H.263 problems.
On the testing lab we have a quad-core xeon dell poweredge server running
ubuntu 10.04. I installed from ubuntu repositories some system dependencies
like ffmpeg, ffmpeg-devel (0.52), libx264, libx264-devel (85), libxvidcore4,
libxvidcore-dev, libtheora, etc. From libopalvoip sourceforge files i got
ptlib 2.66. From h323plus sourceforge cvs repo, got h323plus and
applications. I compiled ptlib, set the PTLIBDIR env variable. Then i
compiled h323plus and plugins and set the respective env variables too. Then
i compiled openmcu. I run openmcu with loglevel 4 or 5, and i can see all
the audio/video codec plugins loading. Focusing on the H263 codec testing, i
remove h261 and h264 plugins. Running openmcu only with h263 plugin, i can
connect polycom vpx an pacphone endpoints at a openmcu conference room with
audio and video support. Audio G711ALaw and H263 CIF video. When i connect
the polycom VSX 7000, the openmcu seems like sending/receiving network
traffic, but the VSX 7000 show 0K/s on video receve rate on call statistics
At the other side, on Polycom PVX software, i can see the video incomming
from vsx 7000. Im doing something wrong? There is some polycom configuration
that i forgot?
Im testing with some Polycom VSX 7000A, VSX 7000A(128) and Polycom VSX 5000
with 8.03, 8.53 and 8.71 firmware versions. Is that a plugin/codec or
unexpected header issue?

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