[h323plus] H264 PLUGIN In H323Plus

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On 7/22/2010 8:51 AM, Simon Horne wrote:
>  Hi Simon,
     I found the call back function to codec namely Encoder_Set_Options(...)
     But it will check the table for adjusting the value accordingly to 
profile, level, bitrate and etc.
     However, in the table the maxbitrate is either 192 for level 1.1 or 
384 for level 1.2.
     There is no related reference value for maxbitrate 256kbps.
     So, is it correct if i follow all the setting in profile level 1.2 
but just set max bit rate to 256kbps ?

> Kc ooi
> If you use the current CVS you can use the existing CIF definition  
> and add
> codec.SetMaxBitRate()
> to <yourEndpoint>::OpenVideoChannel()
> on the encoder side there is a call back to the codec to limit the 
> sending bitrate to 256k (which will limit the CIF frame rate in this 
> case)
> on the decoder side there is a flow control request sent after the OLC 
> to limit the remote sending to 256k
> Simon
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> Hi All,
> Currently, I am working on H.264 codec to limit it's maximum video 
> rate always less than 256kbps.
> I use the settings as below:
> ----------------------------------------
> Profile: baseline profile
> Level: 1.2
> resolution: CIF resolution
> frame rate: 10fps.
> However, In the H.264 Recommendation, the level 1.2 has default value 
> maximum bit rate with 384kbps.
> So, anyway to customize my H.264 codec (or do setting on my x264 
> encoder) to produce the video size
> always less than 256kbit / sec.
> Thanks.

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