[h323plus] Gnugk Proxy Mode don't complete call....

leandro.alvares at caixa.gov.br leandro.alvares at caixa.gov.br
Thu Jul 22 17:18:15 EDT 2010

Hi,  <<gnugk.ini>>  <<tcpdump.tandberg.eth1>>  <<tcpdump.tandberg.eth0>>

I've got the latest CVS version to test GnuGK in Proxy mode. I'm not
getting the video when a PVX from Intranet call to Tandberg at Internet.

The Tandberg 990 MXP is registered at GnuGK in Intranet. The firewall
ports are opened, and I can call from PVX to PVX, it works fine.
The GnuGK (proxy) has two network interfaces, the eth0 is at Intranet,
and the eth1 is a NAT to Internet IP. The eth1 has the same "A class"

Tanderg ---- GnuGK  ------ PVX

The call follow this sequence:

Admission request		-	both
Admission confirmation 		-	both
Q931 setup send		-	both
Q931 setup received		-	both

The PVX call to Tandberg normally, and when I answer the Tandberg call,
I get a black screen and after 5 seconds the call is cleared. 

At logs I can see:

Normal call clearing and Normal Drop....

I really don't know what is happening, because I can't see the errors at

I've attached the Wireshark logs and the Gnugk... 

Any help will be appreciated a lot !!!!!

Thanks a lot

Best regards,

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