[h323plus] h323plus working plugins

Carlos Haj unazona at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 22 05:37:37 EST 2010

Hello Everyone,

I've been experimenting Opal plugins on h323plus stack. I would like to share
you my experience as it seems to me that most opal plugins doesn't work
for h323plus.

I compiled plugins along with correct ffmpeg and x264 revisions, on both windows and linux platforms. Here is my test results:

H.261vic              OK

H.263_ffmpeg      OK

H.263_1998         * Crashes before packetising process, it works after I delay the packetiser function.

                         * Video pixels are melting strikes, even while disabling all h263 annexes.

MPEG4                * AVCodec crashes on encoder function

H.264                 * It doesn't compile at all after activating H323_H264_TEST

                         * Complains about some missing constants, which I added

                         * Compilation errors in structure definitions (h323 capabilities)

Theora               Not tested

I'm unsure about the development priority and/or status of video plugins, as no document states that. Anyone tried to experiment video codecs using h323plus?! do you have same results as me?! 

Thanks, I appreciate.

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