[h323plus] Myphone2 FPS problem

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Fri Jan 15 02:42:37 EST 2010

Check which version of PTLIB you are using as you should be able to use the
DirectShow driver (switch P_DirectShow in ptlibbuldopts) in ptlib. That
driver requires DirectSound so check to see if have direct sound too I know
I have issues with the ptlib config program finding direct sound on vista.
If your webcam driver is not showing up then you have not correctly loaded
it into the VideoInput factory loader system. Usually the problem can be
fixed by adding a #include of the header file where you attempt to instance
the driver in myphone. That should work.


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Hi All,
Currently, I found that when I start the myphone2 application (compiled from
myphone2 source code), the settings->device(settings dialog box)  can not
change to my own driver name, it show Microsoft WDM Image Capture <Win32>.

I run the myphone2 exe provided, it show me my own device is "Logitech
QuickCamPro 4000".

If I used my own compiled version, It only show me the 10fps during
conference with the other. While if I used the myphone2 exe provided(able
show device "Logitech qucikCamPro 4000"). It can achieve 25-30fps. It happen
for any video codec (H.261, H.263, H.264).

Anyone, What is the problem?


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