[h323plus] Adding H263 codec to openmcu

Prasad Mohire prasadmohire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 05:45:07 EST 2010

HI Michael,

I guess you have compiled PTLIB and H323plus and OpenMCU correctly. H323plus
doesn't need ffmpeg. ffmpeg is needed by h323plus avplugin. You were able to
hear audio because h323plus comes with G711 codecs. You will need to build
H263 plugin separately.

h263 plugin needs ffmpeg version 0.47. To install it:
 run ./configure --enable-shared, then make and make install in ffmpeg

Once that is done, download the plugins directory from h323plus.com.
untar the direcory under h323plus directory so that you will have plugins
directory under h323plus.
Goto plugins directory.
run ./configure
You should see h263 : yes in output of configure script. This means it will
build H.263 plugin. If it is 'no' there is something wrong with
prerequisites i.e. ffmpeg. make sure that libavcodec.h file is in include

once you see H.263: yes as output, run make and make install in plugins
create a directory to store the plugins. Set environment variable
PWLIBPLUGINDIR pointing to that directory. Copy
h323plus/plugins/video/h.263/h263-ffmpeg_video_pwplugin.so file to
$PWLIBPLUGINDIR. Copy libavcoded.so to $PWLIBPLUGINDIR  and rename it to

Now start openmcu, it should load with H.263 capability.

File "C:\\traces.txt" will be created in directory from which you will start
openmcu. You can see what all capabilities are added while openmcu is
started in that file.

Thanks and Regards,

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 3:32 PM, Michael Bondi
<mike at bridgeconference.co.za>wrote:

> Hi all and Happy 2010!
> This may have been asked before, but I cannot help myself but to ask again.
> I have compiled ptlib 2.4.5 and h323plus 1.21 and openmcu 2.2.5 on a Debian
> 5 machine.
> I am able to connect and hear the tones and message for connecting but am
> unable to get video on the screen.
> I have tried compiling h323plus with only the 0.4.7 ffmpeg libavcodec.so
> placed in a directory /root/codec and compiled with ./configure
> --enable-rfc2190avcodec=/root/ffmpeg switch, all compiles fine, but still no
> h.263 video. Is there any more I need to do here?
> Also, I am getting confused where to unpack and install the a/v plugins
> from file http://www.h323plus.org/source/download/plugins-v1_21_0.tar.gz
> Thanks
> Mike
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