[h323plus] Valid sessionID in OpenLogicalChannel command

Carlos Haj unazona at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 14 09:59:23 EST 2010

Hello Guys,

I would like to have different frame
sizes for two endpoints, first I tried to play around with
H323Endpoint::SetVideoFrameSize, but it seems that part changes the
maximum allowed size, which means that if I switch the videoFrameSize
to qCIF, I wouldn't be able to receive CIF from the other endpoint. my
test only received QCIF.

I tried also to modify the
OpalMediaFormat by using a GetWritableMediaFormat for a capability,
that ended with unusual CIF format while having a QCIF resolution.

the other hand, I looked Opal examples where they use an OpalManager,
but unfortuntly that seems incompatible with h323plus, while old
openh323 tutorials and exampls don't have any video plugins support.

How I can manage to receive and send different resolutions (frame sizes) using H323plus?

I appreciate a lot your help

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