[h323plus] [h323implementers] How does the H323Plus handles the codecs

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This should be on the h323plus mailing list.
You place the plugins directory next to src and header directories in the
h323plus directory and then compile them seperately. This will create
seperate **_p[t-w]libplugin.so files in the /release or /debug directory
which you copy to your application directory or set the PTLIBPLUGINDIR env
variable to point to directory you have placed your plugins. The plugins are
automatically detected and loaded when you start your application.


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I'm studying the H323Plus library to start a project but I have a doubt. How
does it handles with de audio and video codecs? I look the source code and
thought that I have to download the plugin and put then at the /include and
then compile all together or I compile the source of the plugins and then
put the archives *.o at the /include folder?


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