[h323plus] h.239 improvements

Igor Pavlov pavlov.ig at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 01:35:07 EDT 2010


I had similar problem (but with Tandberg) until I added to my application
somewhere in my FormCapabilitySet() line

endPoint.SetCapability(0, 1, new H323ControlExtendedVideoCapability());

This will add H239ControlCapability to local capability list, so remote side
will understand that your endpoint can work with h239. I don't know maybe
this was fixed in h323plus.

2010/8/25 Marek Domaracky <domarack at cern.ch>

> But with Mirial I manage to open only from Mirial to my application as the
> other way I'm getting  "ERROR Open Channel. No Remote Support". I will check
> that.

Igor Pavlov
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