[h323plus] h.239 improvements

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Aug 25 16:51:34 EDT 2010


Ok looking at the patch there is a lot a great stuff there I will merge most
of these changes with the stuff I have here and check into the CVS.

Thanks a lot again for you efforts.


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> Are you working  with the current CVS? Always try to sync back to the CVS.
> I have checked in a large amount of changes over the last week 
> including your original patches.
yes, the patch I sent is from the current CVS. I saw you commit last changes
3 days ago. I had already patch from Igor implemented, when you commit the
last changes :( So I was trying to merge all together.

> The current CVS has been tested with Mirial,Polycom HDX,lifesize and 
> able to open in both directions. There is a bug if there is more than 
> 1 H.239 capability and where the remote wants to open a channel with a 
> capability it does not advertise in the TCS.
This should be fixed with the last patch, as I understood from Igor, who did
the fix. Also Igor did a nicer code for messages, which are better readable
I think.

>   This will resolve some of the issues with PVX so it will do H.264. 
> Also PVX will open its channel at startup but will not send any media 
> until it sends the genericRequest to open the channel.
> Working on a fix for that. I have not cycled around to the MXP but 
> hopefully that will be in the next day or so.
Ok. I will try to do some tests with Tandberg C40 as well.

> Simon
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> Hi,
> in the attachment, you can find the patch to improve H.239 support.
> It includes patch from Igor Pavlov, which add possibility to open 
> H.239 session to the H.323 device.
> It also includes also some of my changes concerning the sending order 
> of the messages ...
> So far I tested to open H.239 session both ways with the Tandberg MXP 
> and with the Mirial.  But with Mirial I manage to open only from 
> Mirial to my application as the other way I'm getting  "ERROR Open 
> Channel. No Remote Support". I will check that.
> Thanks,
> Marek

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