[h323plus] h323plus 1.22, ptlib 2.8.2, openmcu 2.2.5 - can't get H.263 to load

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Aug 18 16:31:12 EDT 2010


Do a level 5 trace and see if the H.263 capability actually loads and in the
capability list. The plugin will not load unless it finds the FFMPEG
library.  If it is there then you will need to check that it actually gets
negotiated, see if it is the common capability list in the trace file.

The H.264 plugin should work if you are using the current CVS. Use a
softphone like Mirial to test.


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H.263 to load

I am having a terrible time trying to get basic H.263/264 plugins working on
a vanilla Ubuntu 10.04 install.

I installed ffmpeg, libavcodec-devel, x264, libx264-devel from ubuntu repos

Compiled PTlib 2.8.2, set PTLIBDIR, compilied h323plus 1.22, set OPEN323DIR,
configured and make installed h323plus/plugins (showed all the codecs as
enabled), set PTLIBPLUGINDIR to the OPENH323DIR/plugins.
Compiled openmcu 2.2.5 without issues...

When I run openmcu, right out of the box H.261 and H.264 are enabled, but if
I try to connect an endpoint (using Ekiga) it segfaults openmcu.  If I
disable h.264 via openmcu.ini, restart openmcu, I can connect an endpoint at
H.261 CIF (which is terrible resolution and pretty much useless to me. 
The problem is I cant seem to get H.263 to load at all.

Can someone that has had good results setting this up please shed some light
on how to do it on a more recent OS like Ubuntu 10.04 or even RHEL5?


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