[h323plus] h323plus 1.22, ptlib 2.8.2, openmcu 2.2.5 - can't get H.263 to load

Dave Smulsky dave at onewebway.com
Wed Aug 18 15:05:02 EDT 2010

I am having a terrible time trying to get basic H.263/264 plugins working
on a vanilla Ubuntu 10.04 install.

I installed ffmpeg, libavcodec-devel, x264, libx264-devel from ubuntu repos

Compiled PTlib 2.8.2, set PTLIBDIR, compilied h323plus 1.22, set
OPEN323DIR, configured and make installed h323plus/plugins (showed all the
codecs as enabled), set PTLIBPLUGINDIR to the OPENH323DIR/plugins.
Compiled openmcu 2.2.5 without issues...

When I run openmcu, right out of the box H.261 and H.264 are enabled, but
if I try to connect an endpoint (using Ekiga) it segfaults openmcu.  If I
disable h.264 via openmcu.ini, restart openmcu, I can connect an endpoint
at H.261 CIF (which is terrible resolution and pretty much useless to me. 
The problem is I cant seem to get H.263 to load at all.

Can someone that has had good results setting this up please shed some
light on how to do it on a more recent OS like Ubuntu 10.04 or even RHEL5?


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