[h323plus] NAT Traversal document

Simon Horne s.horne at spranto.com.au
Sat Sep 26 00:54:35 EDT 2009



Both GnuGk and H323plus CVS now support Direct Media or H.460.18/.19/.23/.24
in both slow and fast connect. 


These 4 standards work together to allow media to traverse NAT without
requiring the media to be proxied. 

This greatly increases the scalability of video conferencing systems within
NAT environments with only a small proportion of media needing to be


I have prepared a not-so technical document which explains Direct Media and
how the 4 standards interwork.



I have also released a new version of PacPhone v2,2 (H323plus v1.22 CVS) and
a windows installer for GnuGk v2.3.1 (current CVS) and both are available
from the PacPhone website (www.pacphone.com <http://www.pacphone.com/> ).





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