[h323plus] Compiling H323Plus 1.22 CVS Trunk, Visual Studio 2008

Marcos Fábio Jardini marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 14:12:17 EDT 2009

Thanks Simon

  H323Plus now compiled, as well plugins, openmcu and simpleplus. But
found few runtime errors:

Plugins are compiled with suffix '_pwlib'. If you put the plugins on
folder PTLIB_PLUGINS or env:PTLIBPLUGINDIR they are not found. If
renamed to sufix '_ptlib' they are found.

With the original suffix ('_pwlib') they *must* be put on

Simpleplus crash on start webcam, an old behavior I already found on
previous versions of the same project. The problem is in
SimpleH323EndPoint::OpenVideoChannel (main.cxx:799) when
isEncoding=TRUE. Te code below:

if (!device->SetFrameSize(codec.GetWidth(), codec.GetHeight()) ||
      !device->SetColourFormatConverter("YUV420P") ||
      !device->Open(deviceName, TRUE)) {
    PTRACE(1, "Failed to open or configure the video device \"" <<
deviceName << '"');

Throws a NULL Pointer Exception in
(vidinput_directx.cxx:497) because member 'm_pCapture' is not yet
initialized. I remember old openh323 files/logs that say all the
windows implementation use late-bind.

Splitting the 'if' clause and put device->Open(deviceName, FALSE)
first and device->Start() at end (after the resolution and color
changes) fix the problem.

After fixing above problem the video start with green-red interlaced.
I know this behavior too, from old interaction with old'OpenH323. Is
related to misallign memory access on color converter YUV420P or size
converter. The calculus to read U and V buffers overlaps if i'm
remembered. I'll try re-find the code.

Eng. Marcos F. Jardini

PS. I'll try put a screenshot on google and send a link to you see the
effect on video.

2009/8/26 Simon Horne <s.horne at packetizer.com>:
> Marcos
> The Fix for compiling without SSL support (H.460.24A disabled) as been
> checked into CVS
> Simon
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> ****Fix****
> The version tested of PTLib trunk is 2.7.1, not 2.6.
> 2009/8/25 Marcos Fábio Jardini <marcos.f.jardini at gmail.com>:
>> Hello people
>>    Reporting back:
>> * PTLib 2.6 (SVN Trunk): All compile fine and now DirectShow and
>> Application properly works on projects outside PTLib_samples_2008.sln
>> * H323Plus 1.22 (CVS Trunk): H46018_h225.h Error
>>   "H46019UDPSocket::GetLocalAddress" makes access to members
>> "m_locAddr" and "m_locPort" but the two members are guarded by macro
>> H323_H46024A and the method not.
>> Solution (?): put "H46019UDPSocket::GetLocalAddress" under
>> H323_H46024A macro guardian like "[Get/Set]AlternateAddresses" ?
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