[h323plus] H264 PLUGIN in h323plus

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Tue Nov 24 06:46:26 EST 2009

The encoded data size if set to single NAL mode (default) should not exceed
the maximum UDP packet size of 1.4Kb less RTP over head so 1.2Kb should be
ok.  There should be no fragmentation and only 1 frame per packet.
Clearly there is a bug in the encoder. Perhaps it is sending in
non-interleaved mode (fragmentation allowed) and not it single NAL. Mirial
only supports Single NAL.


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Hi All,

For the libx264, It directly fragment the encoded data if it larger than the
maxpayloadsize (1.4KB by default).

If I had encoded data 5.6K. Then, it will fragment and sent out, 4 times.

Is it comply to H.323 standard? 

Because currently other voip (polycom, Mirial...) can't display my encoded
data size greater than 1.4K.


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